Family Care Home

That are dementia-friendly allowing family members to care for their loved one with the support of other families.

Each living suite will be comprised of two room plus an accessible bathroom. One room will be a primary sleeping quarter and the other will be a living area with kitchenette. Each suite will have access to the outdoors via a covered patio.

Issues Facing Dementia Patients

IssuesAt HomeAdult Day CareAdult Foster HomeMemory Care FacilityForget Me Not Family Care
Family SupportFamily will provide care
Familiar SurroundingsFurnishings, pets, and family stay together.
Dementia SafeConstrructed to the state guidelines for Dementia Facilities.
EducationOnline and in-person education on the Care and Handling of dementia patients.
CaregiversNot provided by the facility but PAC Certified Caregivers can be hired.
24-Hour AssistanceHelp from others in the facility 24/7. Additional help can be hired.
ActivitesActive "Normal" life to stimulate interaction and exercise.
Individual DietDiet is provided by Family Members.
Loss of Family/DepressionSince families remain together the sense of Loss and Depression is avoided.
Expenses per MonthOver $2,000
per month.
Over $3,000
per month.
Over $5,000
per month.
Only $2,500
per couple.
Enclosed Outside AreaSecure area for walks and outside activity.
Drug FreeBehavior management is used instead of Psychotropics.
HospiceHospice can be used for end of life care.
Support For FamiliesSince you are living with other families with the same issues, there will be emotion and physical support from each other.
Control Over ExpensesResidents will be able to manage the needs of the home together to control expenses.
Spouse/FamilySince the family is kept together the Spouse/Caregiver does not expierence the loss both physically and mentally from the removal of the loved one from home.